About International Trade Bullion

International Trade Bullion (ITB) is a premium line of precious metals bullion products produced at a private refinery in the Southwestern United States. The product line currently includes 1 Troy ounce (31.1 gram) Silver Rounds ("rounds" are "coins" without government-backed legal tender status) and 10 Troy ounce (311 gram) Silver Bars.

The refinery uses 100% recycled silver, which is refined to a purity of .999+, the same exacting standards used by the U.S. Mint to create Silver American Eagles and America the Beautiful coins, as well as the Royal Canadian Mint for the Silver Maple Leaf, and independent firms like Johnson Matthey, Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse, and other major hallmarks.

The refining facility is fully integrated and handles the melting, analyzing, refining, casting, extruding, rolling, blanking, rimming, and striking of every ITB round and bar produced. It also operates an ultramodern quality-control and purity verification laboratory, with a staff of chemists and technicians that employ a combination of traditional fire assay, wet chemical analysis, atomic absorption, X-ray fluorescence, and other sophisticated techniques to determine and control the precise precious metal content of each ITB product.